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Selamlique Decaf Turkish Coffee Box 125g (4,40oz)

Selamlique Decaf Turkish Coffee Box 125g (4,40oz)

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Selamlique Decaf Turkish Coffee Box (125g)

We serve you Turkey’s best quality Turkish Coffee products!


Product Description:

– Processing method:Sun-dried.

– Roasting method:Traditional fine ground Turkish coffee obtained by using a stone grinding mill. 

– Caffeine content:1.2 %

- Tasting Notes:Mellow acidity, balanced body, medium intensity of flavour, and smooth finish.

Store in a cool, and dry place for the best results and prolonged freshness.


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Customer Reviews

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great collection

I recommend this collection especially if you're the kind who gets bored drinking the same taste everyday. I bought all 7 flavors and now every day I get a different flavor in my cup! I wish they would come up with more flavors!