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Cofiport Turkey was officially opened in Istanbul's Fatih district in September 2018.

Cofiport Turkey, which was established for the purpose of establishment as wholesale, retail, import, export and online sales .
Our company 
between 2018 - 2020 has exported wholesale black tea, herbal teas, fruit teas and special teawares .
Our company took the first step in 2020 and officially acquired the Havva Brew brand.
Our plant expert, who has more than 15 years of herbal expertise, has produced our first teas under the brand of Havva Brew.

We are passionate about tea and all its health benefits in reducing certain chronic diseases, assisting weight management, improving heart health, managing diabetes, and preventing certain types of cancer. 

Originally more specialized in black tea, in recent times a shift was made to lifestyle teas and infusions. With tea traditions dating back to Ottoman times, our Tea Master regularly sources new tea varieties from all over the country and blends it to the highest standards.
In 2020, we opened our online site under our own logo.

With the increase in wholesale sales of our tea brand, Havva Brew, we have separated our wholesale tea supplement with our online sales team and we have officially received Seven Hills Shopping as a new brand for our online sales.

Our new brand, Seven Hills Shopping, was established in September 2021 and is actively working on online sales.

The sole purpose of our companies is to produce high quality products.

Our company, which has been working without a single bad complaint since 2018, continues to improve itself every day.

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