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Mixed Ottoman Kadayıf , Hafız Mustafa

Mixed Ottoman Kadayıf , Hafız Mustafa

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Mixed Ottoman Kadayıf , Hafız Mustafa  , 500g (17,63oz)

A Delectable Delight for Your Taste Buds

Satisfy your cravings with the enticing Mixed Ottoman Kadayıf by Hafız Mustafa, a harmonious blend of tradition and flavor.

  • Pomegranate Ottoman Kadayıf
  • Milky Ottoman Kadayıf
  • Pistachio Ottoman Kadayıf


  • Filling: Turkish Delight (water, sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, pomegranate flavour, vanilla, extract of saponariae root, colour (anthocyanin).
  • Biscuit: Kadayıf with syrup(wheat flour, water, hydrogenated vegetable oil, butter, lemon juice, sugar), pistachio.

Why Choose Mixed Ottoman Kadayıf ,

A Taste of Rich Heritage and Quality

  1. Authentic Blend: Experience the perfect fusion of taste and tradition, carefully crafted by Hafız Mustafa.
  2. Mouthwatering Pleasure: Delight in the melt-in-your-mouth experience of finely prepared kadayıf, an indulgence like no other.

So, immerse yourself in the essence of tradition and taste. Because you deserve the finest, items is a delight not to be missed. And now, explore a world of flavors by ordering from Seven Hills Shopping online. Make every moment memorable with a bite of history and deliciousness.

Shipment time :

America and Canada: 2 - 4 days
Europe : 1 - 2 days
Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Kuwait , UAE : 1-2 days
Other countries : 2 - 4 days 

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