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Trex tea

Trex Tea

Trex Tea

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Trex Tea  

Ingredients : Goji Berry Extracts , Saw Palmetto extract , Rice Hull extract, Echinacea extract, L carnitin , stevia , chitosan , Birch Tree extract, green tea extract, lotus leaf extract, cinnamon extract. 

60 sachet 

 Why Choose Trex Tea

Elevate your weight loss journey effortlessly.

  1. Natural Fat Burn: Harness the potent blend of nature's ingredients to kickstart your metabolism and shed unwanted pounds.
  2. Revitalize Your Body: Infuse your routine with a burst of energy and vitality, helping you stay active throughout the day.
  3. Deliciously Effective: Enjoy the flavorful journey to weight loss with each sip of Trex Tea.
  4. Simple Integration: Seamlessly incorporate  into your daily routine, making progress hassle-free.
  5. Convenient Shopping: Secure your  Tea from Seven Hills Shopping online – your trusted source for wellness essentials, just a click away.

Unleash Nature's Power

Experience a healthier, happier you  the ultimate choice for effective weight loss.

Embrace the Trex Tea Advantage

Experience the natural way to a healthier weight.


And now, take the step towards a healthier you with Tea. Because your weight loss journey deserves simplicity, choose the power of nature. So, order today from Seven Hills Shopping online and experience the transformation firsthand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Love it

Fast Delivery

Love it and works great for me

Unbelievableeeee services

To everyone,
I was hesitant to order overseas not knowing anything about this company.
They prove me wrong.I order on Monday night package was delivered today,Friday.(I leave in US).
When I opened my package I saw one extra little box,I was so shocked (positively)when I saw that they sent me Turkish finest delight. Honestly,in the Word that we are leaving today they made me cry how touched I was.
Seven Hills you did it!!!
Thanks for keeping humanity at the highest.
Looking forward to more orders from you.
Much love

Marija Sa.

This was my fourth time order from this page . So happy with my tea and Seven Hills. Perfect tea , I lose 16 kgs . I m so happy to be fit .

I always order thinks from border but mostly come 15 -20 days but with Seven Hills all my order I received in 3 days .Thank you

Marlen P
Fast Delivery

Unbelievable!!! I have talked on support team and they said one day or two day max I will recieve my order . Only one day and I have received my order . All my orders arrived on good condition.Thank you so much Seven Hills. I will tell all my friends.