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Casvaa Turkish Mastic Gum Coffee 250g (8,81oz)

Casvaa Turkish Mastic Gum Coffee 250g (8,81oz)

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Casvaa Turkish Mastic Gum Coffee 250g (8,81oz)

Ingredients: medium roasted, fine grade ground Arabica Turkish coffee , bitter cacao , mastic gum ,milk powder , vanilla flavour

Indulge in a truly exceptional coffee experience with Mastic Gum Coffee.

Why Choose Casvaa Turkish Mastic Gum Coffee

Unlock delightful moments and lasting benefits.

  1. Distinctive Flavor: Savor the rich, aromatic notes of Turkish coffee infused with the unique essence of mastic gum.
  2. Holistic Well-being: Experience the combined pleasures of coffee and the potential health benefits of mastic gum.
  3. Smooth Sipping: Delight in the smoothness of each sip, as mastic gum adds a velvety touch to your coffee.
  4. Versatile Enjoyment: Enjoy it hot or iced, elevating your coffee ritual with a touch of Turkish tradition.
  5. Convenient Purchase: Acquire your product seamlessly from Seven Hills Shopping online - your reliable source for premium coffee, just around the corner.

Experience Coffee like Never Before

Step into the world of flavored coffee and let your senses explore.


And so, elevate your coffee routine with  Mastic Gum Coffee. Because exceptional taste meets holistic pleasure, you can't miss this unique blend. Therefore, secure your pack today from Seven Hills Shopping online and transform your coffee breaks into moments of pure delight.



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